About ASA

Welcome!  The American Society of Acupuncturists is delighted to be a resource for those interested in finding the best of  acupuncture and East Asian medicine (EAM) in the United States, and for those advocating for the highest standards of education and practice.  Our membership includes the highest trained practitioners in the states, and together we work to promote the best in EAM for the American public.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the American Society of Acupuncturists is to promote the highest standards of professional practice for acupuncture and EAM in the United States, thereby to benefit the public health.  Through strengthening the profession at the state level while promoting collaboration nationally and internationally, the ASA provides its members, the public, legislators, and regulators resources for ensuring the best expression of this ancient and modern medicine.

  • To promote the highest quality of practice for acupuncture and EAM in the United States
  • To strengthen AOM state associations, and through them their members
  • To collaborate nationally and internationally with policy makers and legislators on behalf of practitioners, state associations, and allied stakeholders
  • To provide for members a valuable range of professional networking opportunities, practice development resources, governance training, and operational tools to strengthen the professional representation of the field, to further the business of members, and to safeguard the depth and breadth of AOM
  • To be a resource to the general public, key policy makers, and members of the Western medical community about the benefits of acupuncture and EAM.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where all Americans have widespread awareness of and access to the best of acupuncture and EAM.

  • Widespread consumer awareness and acceptance of acupuncture and EAM in the U.S.
  • Application for a wide range of both preventative and restorative health care needs with substantiated patient benefits and improved outcomes
  • Integration into healthcare delivery and funding models, creating parity with traditional Western medicine approaches