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Thank you for your individual donation to the ASA!  

Your contribution of any amount is very meaningful, and helps us to fulfill our mission.


If you are representing an organization and would like to sponsor ASA in an enduring manner, or are an individual or organization and would like to sponsor a specific project, please see below:

The ASA is always delighted to welcome new sponsors.  Sponsors should have missions and visions that align with the ASA mission and vision.  If your organization is interested in helping to support and grow acupuncture and East Asian medicine, and is seeking national and international exposure, please contact us for advertising opportunities!

Contact us for more information: secretary@ASAcu.org


Business Sponsorship:

ASA Champion

  • $5000 and up

ASA Partner

  • $2500 to $4999.99

ASA Sponsor

  • $1000 to $2499.99

ASA Supporter

  • $500 to $999.99


Advertising Opportunities:

Large sliders

  • (displacing or being added to carousel – $250/month “sustainer”) x 6 months

Small squares

  • ($100/month) – 1 year commitment

Combination of Large and Small Links

  • 1 year commitment $300/month

Project Sponsorship Opportunities – Special Feature of Project and Sponsorship

  • ISO – $3000/year  total needed
  • Website Maintenance and Development — $2500/year

Board Representation at National Meetings

  • $1000/event/member

Board Representation at International Meetings

  • $3000/event/member

Leadership Training Workshop for Board and State Leaders

  • $1000 for Webinar Series