Report on Congressional Briefing, Washington, D.C. November 8, 2017

Press Release for Congressional Briefing

Journal of Integrative Medicine:  Published Version of Acupuncture’s Role in Solving the Opioid Epidemic

Acupuncture’s Role in Solving the Opioid Epidemic

ASA Comments to FDA Request for Opioid Clinical Guidelines_July 2017_final

ASA Handout:  Acupuncture Before Opioids >

Joint Acupuncture Opioid Task Force Submission to the Centers for Disease Control >

PAINS Project, Never Only Opioids >

Vermont Opioid Bill >

ASA YouTube Channel >





vertcal_image_dry_needlingDry Needling Position Statements and Resources

ASA Position on Dry Needling







Jeanette Hoyt, Understanding Acupuncture’s Role >

Kristen Horner Warren, ACU/DN – What’s the Difference? >

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SAR:  Research Summaries >

SAR:  Publications >

NCCIH:  Acupuncture Research >

vertcal_image_4ASA Annual Meeting

First Annual Meeting Agenda >

First Annual Meeting Post-Report >

Second Annual Meeting American Society of Acupuncturists 2nd Annual Business Meeting Agenda

Second Annual American Society of Acupuncturists Business Meeting Post_Meeting Report


vertcal_image_5Board Development and Not-for-Profit Management

Board Source: 101 Board Basics >

Survey and Ballot Systems Guide to Online Voting >

Jacobson Jarvis and Co:  What Board Members Neet to Know about Not-for-Profit Finance and Accounting >

Board Source, Walker, V.   Effective Board Leadership>

vertcal_image_6ASA Activity Reports and Media Coverage

ASA 2016 Year End Report

Acupuncture Today September 2015 – ASA Ready to Impact:

Activity Report November 2015 >

Acupuncture Today Feb 2016 – Meeting Announcement: >

Acupuncture Today May 2016 – Transparency is Key: >

Integrator Blog, John Weeks, March 2017
ASA Ready for Next Collaborative Steps

ASA Presidents report ETCMA Conference May 2017



ASA Position Statements

Gainful Employment
ASA Gainful Employment Statement May 2017